Good Things Come in Fives

We took home a slew of IDA awards in 2022

Goods & Services was bestowed five awards by the International Design Awards (IDA) community for work submitted in 2022. We are incredibly proud of what we do, and being recognized in the design community makes all the hard work even more worthwhile.

And the winners are…

Recognition: Gold

Client name: ZEISS

Project Name: Vision ID (Trade show Experience Design)

Project Description: When a global pandemic made ZEISS r-think their trade show approach, we jumped on the opportunity to make researchers the stars of the show. Learn more about our ZEISS account story.

View the ZEISS Trade show Experience Design IDA Submission

Recognition: Gold

Client name: High Desert Cactus Vodka

Project Name: High Desert Resilience (Multimedia / Broadcast Design)

Project Description: We wanted to share the beauty of the cactus and its fruit against the rugged backdrop of the San Luis Potosí farm. Learn more about out High Desert account story.

View the High Desert Multi Media/ Broadcast Design IDA Submission

Recognition: Silver

Client name: High Desert Cactus Vodka

Project Name: High Desert Resilience (Packaging Design)

Project Description: The hand blown glass bottle stands out from the crowd and reflects the authentic, yet novel roots of its contents. Learn more about out High Desert account story.

View the High Desert Packaging Design IDA Submission

Recognition: Silver

Client name: Goods & Services

Project Name: Our very own innovative website (Multimedia/Website Design)

Project Description: We made it a goal to reflect the company values of creativity, innovation, and storytelling in the site’s design and movement. The result is chock full of personality and a true reflection of our talent.

View the Goods & Services Multimedia/Website Design IDA Submission Here

Recognition: Bronze

Client name: IEX

Project Name: Liquidity Beer (Multimedia / Online Advertising Design)

Project Description: Designing and producing a packaged beverage for this relatively new stock exchange company was a clever way to make tangible the investment concept of “liquidity” while also raising brand awareness for IEX.

View the IEX Multimedia/Online Advertising Design IDA Submission Here

What we love about IDA

The International Design Awards began in 2007 when a handful of designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs wanted to address the lack of recognition and to celebrate smart and sustainable multidisciplinary designs.

IDA awards are bestowed by a jury with a reputation for being both passionate and unbiased. As a recipient of six IDAs, we’re sharing the stage with top brands, agencies, and artists. The IDA jury (made up of an amazing range of talent) chooses winners based on an evolving set of criteria – because design is always adapting to the world around us. And each juror is encouraged to draw on their own expertise and professional background as well. That means Goods & Services is sharing the stage with both small and large agencies from over 60 countries, each of whom are tackling today’s challenges using design.