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  • Dynamic Website


  • UX / UI

  • CMS Integration

  • Prototyping

  • Design Systems


  • Art & Culture

  • Publication & Media

Atlanta-based non-profit Art Papers’ mission is to expand the dialogue around contemporary art and culture. Goods & Services helped them create a new website with a modular design system that updated and expanded the way they presented news, feature stories, interviews, and art projects.

Updating the Voices of Working Artists

For more than 40 years Art Papers’ mission has been to serve the creative community and the culturally curious in and around Atlanta by expanding the dialogue around contemporary art and culture, exploring the ways each affects the human experience. To achieve this goal, Art Papers wanted a new website that would reflect their mission, so they commissioned Goods & Services to create a new digital experience, including web and mobile, that would be contemporary, bold, easy to use, and a compelling experience for their viewers.

Our design for Art Papers’ new digital presence featured a clean and fun but authoritative use of a bold but versatile sans serif font. We chose a modern color palette of black, white, with pops of color, and we incorporated a mix of contemporary photography that was artistic, friendly, surprising, and always compelling, just like Art Papers itself.

Mobile Art

The new Art Papers homepage design and accompanying mobile app feature content curated into relevant themed areas we call “spots.” Each spot houses a collection of 2-4 stories and each story links to relevant detailed content. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out and discover a new world of art and artists.