The Cart of Seduction



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  • E-Commerce is a new digital marketing platform making a big noise in the ecommerce world. To help them build awareness, we created the “Dearest” campaign, an affectionate — some might even say obsessive — expression of love that puts the “court order” back into “courtship.”


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    Targeted forward thinking brands to send personalized “love letters”
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    Publicly confessed Cart’s love and desire to “hook up.” Professionally, that is.
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    Posted oversized love letters in and around LA and Austin offices of targeted brands
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    Created custom scented candles and mailed them to targeted decision makers
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    Conceived of an entirely original campaign to help “score”

Charm Offensive

When we fall for someone, we fall hard. And we’re not ashamed to admit it. Or express it. Loudly and publicly. So when we engaged with, a passionate connection was instantly made. One that burned white hot. had identified a handful of kindred brands they were excited to help work with to increase online growth. Forward thinking brands that were leaders in their categories, like Toms Shoes, Liquid Death, Theragun, and Carters. To help get noticed and attract these brand crushes, we launched a whirlwind love letter writing campaign — we’re talking Cyrano de Bergerac, even Pablo Neruda, levels of wooing — to introduce Cart’s powerful digital marketing platform.  

Employing a barrage of (very) personally targeted, fun, irreverent, and tongue-in-cheek love letters, the Goods team helped fervently express the depths and breadths of its affection and commitment. Cart then printed each letter as oversized posters and placed them, guerilla style, in heavily trafficked areas of Austin, Los Angeles, and around the country for the world to bear witness to Cart’s undying devotion.

And because Cart wanted everyone to know how excited they were about their crushes, the team posted about our love letters on LinkedIn (#dearest) so the whole world could know. After all, the Cart wants what the Cart wants.

“Cart wanted to work with companies they thought were cool and progressive, so we tried to capture a voice that would tap into the language of modern culture to appeal to these types of brands.”


Love Is in the Air

Speaking of white hot ... we weren’t done with just simple written letters. Any run of the mill Casanova knows that to win your true love’s heart you need a sustained, multi-pronged, strategic approach to seduction. And what says romance better than a scented candle? Especially one that has been hand poured by expert craftspeople. In the Alps no less. So in a fury of lustful inspiration, we had a series of customized candles created in various scents packaged up and shipped as a personal, tangible, ever present token to the brand objects of our affection.

“I can’t begin to explain how much I love these letters. You guys are the absolute best.”