Navigate Retirement with Confidence


& JPMorgan

Project Type

  • Digital Experiene

  • Advertisement


  • Product Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • Campaign Development

  • Film Production


  • Financial

J.P. Morgan and AIG Retirement Services partnered with Goods & Services to design a cutting-edge digital tool to showcase the advantages of their new SmartRetirement+ financial product, along with its accompanying marketing content.


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    Designed the digital product experience for SmartRetirement+ companion tool.
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    Conducted research to connect the digital experience with the financial needs of Pre-Retirees.
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    Produced a video that informed viewers about the benefits of SmartRetirement+.
The Challenge

Empowering Retirement Decision Making

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SmartRetirement+ is an innovative retirement income solution designed for workplace retirement plan participants, integrating J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s retirement investment funds and spending intelligence with an AIG Life & Retirement annuity.

Our objective was to design a comprehensive, easy to use, digital product experience and all supporting marketing content that highlighted how this innovative digital product could add value and security to retirees financial future.

Our Approach

Building Trust and Confidence

We tested different concepts to gain a better understanding of customer sentiment toward key components of the financial product to gain insights into participants' retirement perspectives. We new we would need to address the negative reputation that came with old school annuities and develop effective marketing strategies that highlight their benefit in this new context.

Participants showed interest in the "new annuity" concept that combines mutual funds with income assurance, highlighting the need for additional educational materials. We also observed that retirement planning varied widely among retirees, emphasizing the importance of timing the product introduction thoughtfully.

Prototype Feedback

“I like the ability to continue to earn on my money and that someone much more savvy will help me figure out how much I should pull monthly/yearly to be sure I have money to last.”

Prototype Feedback

“I understand I'm being sold a new product and asked to move money from an existing product, but the educational approach makes it feel less like a hard sell and more informative.”

Prototype Feedback

“I love the idea that I could feel more secure about my retirement and having a set monthly income is a huge plus!”

Our Digital Product Solution

Introducing SmartRetirement+

Our design focused on enhancing retirees' financial security through intuitive data visualization and comprehensive educational resources within SmartRetirement+. Leveraging JPMorgan's 225 years of financial expertise, the solution incorporates real-world retirement behaviors for strategic asset management. It integrates insights from retirees' spending patterns and optimizes annuities in their portfolios, emphasizing conservative investment strategies to effectively mitigate volatility.

Tailored Guidance

The SmartRetirement+ tool imports the retiree's J.P. Morgan 401(k) balance and offers specific guidance on optimizing it with guaranteed annuity income. This provides clear insights into managing market exposure and enhancing flexibility. The tool's simplified table design empowers users to make confident decisions about incorporating annuities into their retirement strategy, aligning seamlessly with their future financial goals and securing their financial freedom.

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Visualize Savings

Retirees can now easily assess how long their retirement savings will last based on their personal criteria and spending habits. They can conveniently make adjustments to explore whether guaranteed annuity income can address any shortfalls. The slider design for annuity income, alongside a side-by-side comparison bar graph of mutual income and annuity options, empowers retirees to swiftly grasp how even minor allocation adjustments can impact their portfolio.

Our Marketing Approach

Simplicity that Drives Financial Security

Drawing on our expertise in every stage of production, from storyboarding concepts to final launch and development, we set out to create marketing material that would highlight the simplicity and innovation of our digital product solution. To achieve this, we filmed our advertisement in a predominantly white photo studio. By strategically introducing bursts of color through desk knickknacks and decorations, we created a visually engaging setting. This non-intrusive environment allowed viewers to focus on the clear explanations and information our product provides, while ensuring the space remained inviting and not overly clinical.

"Our aim was to demystify retirement planning, spotlighting our accessible solution in a modern and minimalist visual presentation.”

Juan Vidal
Creative Director

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We are privileged to have collaborated with JPMorgan, a leading industry powerhouse, harnessing their extensive access to market consumer financial data and behaviors to empower individuals in securing their retirement. From the inception of designs and research to the successful launch and campaign production, this journey has been a profound source of pride for our versatile and seasoned design team. This experience has further enriched our expertise in the realm of financial tools, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence.