Smart Data Made Beautiful



Project Type

  • Digital Products


  • UX / UI

  • Design Systems


  • Technology

Splunk’s smart business solutions make it simple for you to collect, analyze, and leverage the untapped value of all your company’s existing data. To more effectively present those innovative solutions, they came to Goods & Services for help. We told you they were smart.

Strength in Numbers

At Goods & Services, we pride ourselves on being data geeks, and Splunk’s business model is to use data to help businesses be smarter. So when Splunk’s mobile product team came to us to work on designing and prototyping their next generation TV and mobile experiences, we were thrilled to design a system that let numbers be the hero of the story. We started by gaining a detailed understanding of how Splunk works and created a series of user scenarios. We then developed a series of prototypes for IOS and Apple TV, designing a mobile UI toolkit that included a comprehensive set of data visualization models, interaction frameworks, voice UI controls, and augmented reality experiences.

A Suite of Design

The result is a whole new suite of clean, savvy, and easy-to-use and understand digital design solutions that are just as forward thinking and bold as their technology.